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Optical Shop



Eye Physicians offers quality optical service at competitive prices though our own in-house optical department. Our certified opticians provide the ultimate assistance in helping you to choose a correct fitting frame that not only fits you physically, but also the lens style that will suit your lifestyle.  

We offer the latest styles in frames and sunwear from the collections of: Oakley, Dolce and Gabbana, Burberry, Tory Burch, Coach, Ray Ban, Nike, Banana Republic, Silhouette Drill Mount, and many more. 

We carry a variety of sizes from infants to extra large adult.

At Eye Physicians, Inc., we can fit you with prescription swim goggles, scuba mask, sports goggles, computer glasses, reading glasses, motorcycle glasses, and many more specialty eyewear.

We have a large variety of lens styles to fit your personalized needs and lifestyle with latest technology lenses. Digital lenses will give you the clearest and sharpest vision available. See the world in HD!

We have three different styles of transition lenses in three different color selections.

We offer polarized lenses in several different color options with the thinnest and lightest weight lenses on the market. Let us top off your polarized lenses with a custom mirror finish, giving you a custom look to your eyewear.

We have available many different progressive no-line bifocals to choose from. Our certified Opticians will work to fit you with the best design for your work, hobbies, and activities.

Work on a computer and feeling eye strain and fatigue? Eyes feel tired and itchy after a long day? Let us explain the specialty coating that reduces blue light emitted from today's devices such as smart phones, computer pads and tablets, and computers. Ask our Opticians about Prevencia Coatings.

Want to reduce or eliminate reflections such as glare or ghost images? Would you like to see better during night driving? We offer three different types of Anti Reflective Coatings to address your eyewear needs.

Contact Lenses

Eye Physicians Inc. offers all of the newest lenses on the market. Our contact lens specialist has extensive experience in fitting both hard and soft contact lenses. There are contacts today that correct your vision whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, if you have astigmatism, or would like to have bi-focals in contacts.

Eye Physicians Inc., carries daily disposables for those who prefer to wear contact lenses only occasionally and extended wear contacts for those who rely on contact lenses for their primary vision correction.

Contact lens technology is constantly changing. Even if you were unable to wear contact lenses in the past, ask us today if there are lenses available today that may meet your needs. Contacts are  an attractive alternative to glasses, so call us for an appointment and let Eye Physicians, Inc. fit you with the most up to date and comfortable contact lenses available on the market.

Low Vision

Patients with poor vision due to macular degeneration, glacoma, diabetic retinopathy, stroke, etc. can benefit from our many low vision aids. From simple magnifier lenses to sophisticated computer viewing systems, Eye Physicians, Inc. has something to help almost all low vision patients.